Ongoing project

ANR project DEAR (Deposition and Erosion of fine sediments in Alpine River)

ANR project DEUFI (DEtailing Urban Flood Impact)

    Although urban floods were largely investigated, the flow exchanges between streets and buildings are not documented in the laboratory and seldom in the field. DEUFI project will fill this gap focusing on the hydraulic processes inside and outside one building and assessing how this knowledge can be useful to estimate and reduce damages …

ANR project Flowres (Flow prediction in floodplains for extreme floods)

OSR (Rhône Sediment Observatory)

The Rhône Sediment Observatory (OSR) was established in 2009 to address issues that had emerged in the integrated project Plan Rhône. Over the 500 km-long Rhône river from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea, the Observatory aims at producing, collecting and managing data for documenting stocks and fluxes of sediments and the associated contamination. OSR …

Project with SCHAPI (Center for Hydrometeorology and flood prevention)

Other projects