Ongoing PhD and postdoctoral projects

Lorris GOND*

Lorris GOND (2018-2021) Determination of transverse mixing coefficients in a shallow water wandering  gravel-bed river : application to the Durance River Supervisors: Emmanuel Mignot (LMFA), Jérôme Le Coz (Irstea Lyon) Doctoral school: MEGA (Mécanique Energétique, Génie civil, Acoustique). Transverse mixing coefficients are key to predicting the efficiency of pollutant dispersion in rivers. While most studies …

Marianne LASLIER*

Marianne LASLIER Supervisors: Benoît Camenen et Lionel Pénard (Irstea, RiverLy, Eq. Hydraulique)  

Nicolas NOCLIN*

Nicolas NOCLIN (2019-2022) Role of hydraulic forcing on fluvial sedimentary environments; hydraulic modeling approach coupled with sedimentary and geophysical studies Supervisors: Thierry Winiarski (ENTPE, Lehna), Brice Mourrier (ENTPE, Lehna), Jérôme Le Coz (Irstea Lyon) Doctoral school: Chemistry Lyon The human actions, particularly over the last century, have caused many disturbances on the sedimentary regime of …


Sébastien POUCHOULIN (2015-2018) Supervisors: Emmanuel Mignot (LMFA, INSA Lyon), Nicolas Rivière (LMFA, INSA Lyon) Jérôme Le Coz (Irstea, RiverLy) Doctoral school: TUE (Terre, Univers Environnement), Grenoble  


Yassine KADDI*


Matteo DARIENZO (2017-2020) Real-time Bayesian estimation of dynamic stage-discharge models Supervisors: J. Le Coz (RiverLy, Hydraulics), B. Renard (RiverLy,  Hydrology) & M. Lang (RiverLy, Hydrology) Ecole Doctorale: TUE (Terre Univers Environnement), Grenoble River discharge time series are established using ‘rating curves’, which are models with discharge as output and stage and possibly other monitored parameters …

Guillaume DRAMAIS*


Emeline PERRET*

Aurélien DESPAX*

Aurélien DESPAX Uncertainties in stream gauging with  ADCP Supervisor: J. Le Coz (RiverLy, River Hydraulics team) The use of acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) has increased to measure water discharge in rivers. Technological development has enabled the use of the ADCP in both shallow streams and deep rivers. Given the use of ADCP measurements as …